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The Exciting Journey, KANSAI
KANSAI JAPAN in 8K HDR Hyperlapse - 関西

KANSAI JAPAN Nara Mie in 8K HDR - 奈良 三重

KANSAI JAPAN Wakayama Osaka in 8K HDR - 和歌山 大阪

KANSAI JAPAN Tokushima Hyogo Tottori in 8K HDR - 徳島 兵庫 鳥取

KANSAI JAPAN Fukui Kyoto Shiga in 8K HDR - 福井 京都 滋賀

Shooting locations are below
0:00 伏見稲荷大社/京都
0:05 八坂/京都
0:09 平安衣装着付体験/和歌山
0:12 熊野古道/和歌山
0:26 鳥取砂丘/鳥取
0:35 奈良公園/奈良
0:36 八坂/京都
0:38 祖谷の落合集落/徳島
0:40 メリケンパーク/兵庫
0:43 道頓堀/大阪
0:49 天ぷら 京星/京都
0:55 鳥取砂丘/鳥取
0:58 橋杭岩/和歌山
1:01 伊勢神宮/三重
1:06 おかげ横丁/三重
1:10 日牟禮八幡宮/滋賀
1:13 和菓子 樫舎/奈良
1:18 満月寺 浮御堂/滋賀
1:21 東尋坊/福井
1:27 越前打刃物/福井
1:39 浦村の牡蠣小屋/三重
1:48 大山/鳥取
1:51 鳴門の渦潮/徳島
1:55 阿波藍/徳島
2:01 黒門市場/大阪
2:12 熊野那智大社/和歌山
2:22 湯浅醤油 角長/和歌山
2:34 奈良公園/奈良
2:37 大原三千院/京都
2:40 竹田城跡/兵庫
2:51 此の友酒造/兵庫
2:55 東大寺/奈良
3:02 奈良公園/奈良
3:05 新世界/大阪
3:11 中谷堂の餅つき/奈良
3:24 姫路城/兵庫




Key Points
  • Wash your hands before praying.
  • You have to take off your cap and sunglasses.
  • The basic procedure when praying at a shrine is to bow twice, clap twice, and then bow again.


Key Points
  • You should ask for permission before taking photos.
  • Omikuji are fortunes written on paper strips at shrines and temples.


Key Points
  • Omikuji are fortunes written on paper strips at shrines and temples.
  • Pick up any litter you find and dispose of it in the proper place.


Key Points
  • Take off your shoes when entering a house.
  • We arrange our own shoes neatly when entering a house.


Key Points
  • There are some separated smoking areas on the street.
  • You should smoke in the designated areas.


Key Points
  • Tsukidashi is similar to a table charge in other countries. It is a light dish that is served before the ordered meal. Agari is the green tea that is served at a sushi restaurant. It is mainly served after the meal.


Key Points
  • ATMs at convenience stores offer useful services such as making withdrawals using foreign bank cards.
  • Convenience stores offer a wide range of useful services such as purchasing tickets and making withdrawals using foreign bank cards.


Key Points
  • Don’t bring your towel into the bath.
  • Wash yourself before getting into the bath.
  • Enter the bath naked.


Key Points
  • Zen meditation is a kind of Buddhist training, in which you sit with correct posture and focus your mind. You can experience this at places such as Japanese temples.


Key Points
  • There are some shops that don’t allow eating or
  • Some Japanese shops do not accept credit cards, so you should carry some cash with you when you go out.

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【関空復旧】「関空、驚異の復旧」の全貌/Welcome! KANSAI, Japan. by 関西観光本部

被災直後から9月21日のターミナル全体の再開に至るまでの関西国際空港の復旧のドキュメントをまとめたPR動画。台風によって甚大な被害を受けた関空が、日本が誇る高い技術力と情熱によって驚異的なスピードで復旧していく過程、そして関西全体で旅行客の皆様をお待ち申し上げている思いを映像にまとめました。 関西観光本部

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