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The Exciting Journey, KANSAI

【4K】Stunning Views - KANSAI, Japan

By watching videos, discover why tens of millions of travelers are flocking to Kansai. An exciting journey awaits you.

KANSAI JAPAN in 8K HDR Hyperlapse - 関西

KANSAI JAPAN Nara Mie in 8K HDR - 奈良 三重

KANSAI JAPAN Wakayama Osaka in 8K HDR - 和歌山 大阪

KANSAI JAPAN Tokushima Hyogo Tottori in 8K HDR - 徳島 兵庫 鳥取

KANSAI JAPAN Fukui Kyoto Shiga in 8K HDR - 福井 京都 滋賀

Shooting locations are below
0:00 Fushimi Inari Taisha/Kyoto
0:05 Yasaka/Kyoto
0:09 Heian costume wearing experience/Wakayama
0:12 Kumano Kodo/Wakayama
0:26 Tottori Sand Dunes/Tottori
0:35 Nara Park/Nara
0:36 Yasaka/Kyoto
0:38 Ochiai-Shuraku(Community of Ochiai)/Tokushima
0:40 Meriken Park/Hyogo
0:43 Dotonbori/Osaka
0:49 Tempura Kyoboshi/Kyoto
0:55 Tottori Sand Dunes/Tottori
0:58 Hasiguiiwa/Wakayama
1:01 Ise Jingu/Mie
1:06 Okage Yokocho/Mie
1:10 Himure Hachimangu Shrine/Shiga
1:13 Kashiya(Japanese sweets)/Nara
1:18 Ukimido (Mangetsuji Temple)/Shiga
1:21 Tojinbo Cliffs/Fukui
1:27 Echizen Knife/Fukui
1:39 Oyster hut of Uramura/Mie
1:48 Mt. Daisen/Tottori
1:51 Naruto Whirlpools/Tokushima
1:55 Awa indigo-dyed textiles/Tokushima
2:01 Kuromon Market/Osaka
2:12 Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine/Wakayama
2:22 Yuasa Soy Sauce kadocho/Wakayama
2:34 Nara Park/Nara
2:37 Sanzen-in Temple/Kyoto
2:40 Takeda Castle/Hyogo
2:51 Konotomo Shuzo(Japanese sake Brewery)/Hyogo
2:55 Todaiji Temple/Nara
3:02 Nara Park/Nara
3:05 Shinsekai /Osaka
3:11 Nakatanidou(yomogi mochi)/Nara
3:24 Himeji Castle/Hyogo

Promote mutual understanding!

This video aims to alleviate stress and barriers such as anxiety, confusion and discomfort by encouraging foreign tourists visiting Japan ton understand Japanese culture, customs, behaviors and social norms. In addition, it is a video that aims to reconsider basic manners and nurture the spirit of hospitality for residents of Japan. We hope everyone will become aware of other’s perspectives and have consideration for those around them.

Seeing Differently
~ On the street ~

Seeing Differently
~ In the Temple ~

Seeing Differently
~ At the Market ~

Seeing Differently
~ 小巷篇 ~【简体中文】

Seeing Differently
~寺院篇 ~【简体中文】

Seeing Differently
~ 集市篇 ~【简体中文】

Seeing Differently

Seeing Differently
~寺院篇 ~【繁體中文】

Seeing Differently
~ 集市篇 ~【繁體中文】

Seeing Differently
~ 거리편 ~

Seeing Differently
~ 사원편 ~

Seeing Differently
~ 시장편 ~

Japanese culture

Surrounded by the sea, Japan had little contact with other countries for a long time. This led to the development of a unique culture and customs.

What do you do at a shrine?

Key Points
  • Wash your hands before praying.
  • You have to take off your cap and sunglasses.
  • The basic procedure when praying at a shrine is to bow twice, clap twice, and then bow again.

Are there rules for taking pictures?

Key Points
  • You should ask for permission before taking photos.
  • Omikuji are fortunes written on paper strips at shrines and temples.

Don’t litter.

Key Points
  • Omikuji are fortunes written on paper strips at shrines and temples.
  • Pick up any litter you find and dispose of it in the proper place.

Do you have to remove your shoes inside the house?

Key Points
  • Take off your shoes when entering a house.
  • We arrange our own shoes neatly when entering a house.

Where can you smoke?

Key Points
  • There are some separated smoking areas on the street.
  • You should smoke in the designated areas.

Visit a Japanese sushi restaurant!

Key Points
  • Tsukidashi is similar to a table charge in other countries. It is a light dish that is served before the ordered meal. Agari is the green tea that is served at a sushi restaurant. It is mainly served after the meal.

What can you do at a Japanese convenience store?

Key Points
  • ATMs at convenience stores offer useful services such as making withdrawals using foreign bank cards.
  • Convenience stores offer a wide range of useful services such as purchasing tickets and making withdrawals using foreign bank cards.

What should you do at a public bath?

Key Points
  • Don’t bring your towel into the bath.
  • Wash yourself before getting into the bath.
  • Enter the bath naked.

Try zazen meditation!

Key Points
  • Zen meditation is a kind of Buddhist training, in which you sit with correct posture and focus your mind. You can experience this at places such as Japanese temples.

Can you use credit cards in Japan?

Key Points
  • There are some shops that don’t allow eating or
  • Some Japanese shops do not accept credit cards, so you should carry some cash with you when you go out.

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Welcome! KANSAI,Japan

With the complete recovery of Kansai International Airport(KIX) on September 21st, we start a campaign striving for tourism revitalization with “Kansai Inbound Tourism Revival Plan” announced by Japan Tourism Agency on September 21st. We welcome you back to Kansai Japan.

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