Kofukuji Temple

[Famous five-story pagoda] The temple grounds are dotted with National Treasures such as the famous five-story pagoda, three-story pagoda, Tokondo (East Golden Hall) and Hokuendo (North Octagonal Hall), but also houses prominent Buddhist carvings from the Tenpyo (710-794) and Kamakura (1185-1333) periods. Next to the temple grounds is Nara Park, a unique example of a city park where residents and 1,400 deer can coexist peacefully. Image Provided by Nara Visitors Bureau [Admission] ◇National Treasure Hall: Adults and University Students: ¥700, Junior High and High School Students: ¥600, Elementary School Students: ¥300 ◇Tokondo (East Golden Hall):Adults and University Students: ¥300,Junior High and High School, Students: ¥200, Elementary School Students: ¥100 [Access] 15 min walk from JR Nara Stn; 5 min walk from Kintetsu Nara Stn [Credit Card Payments] No [Multilingual Services] Yes

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