Himeji Castle

A beautiful castle, often compared to the image of a white heron.With a history of 400 years since its construction, Himeji Castle, a national treasure also known as “Hakuro-jo” or “White-Heron Castle,” was registered as Japan’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, together with Horyuji Temple The amazing architecture of the castle, which consists of the grand castle tower and three small keep towers, along with its brilliantly white walls, makes it look like a “shirasagi” (a white heron) flying up in the sky. Photo provided by Himeji City [Fee] Adults: 1,000 yen; Children: 300 yen [Access] Approx. 15 min. walk from JR or Sanyo Himeji Station [Credit Card Payment] Accepted [Foreign Language Support] Yes [Reservations]Not required

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