Koyasan (Kongobuji Temple)

[A holy site with 1,200 years of history] The top of this 900 m mountain is the birthplace of Shingon esoteric Buddhism. It has flourished as a sacred place for 1,200 years. There are quite a few temples such as Kongobuji Head Temple in the mountain. There is a holy atmosphere especially around Okunoin, where Kukai, who established a monastery in Koyasan, fell into deep meditation. There are many tombs of historic figures. This mountain was designated as World Heritage in 2004. [Admission Fee] Kongobuji temple: Jr. High school and above ¥1000, Primary school ¥300 [Access] Kongobuji temple: A short walk from Kongobuji-mae bus stop by Nankai Rinkan bus from Nankai Koyasan Stn. (to reach Koyasan Stn., transfer to cable car is needed at Nankai Gokuraku-bashi Stn.) [Credit card] Not accepted [Language] English leaflet available

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